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exhibition curated by john glick at charlie cummings gallery

updated sat 10 nov 07


Charlie Cummings on fri 9 nov 07

Longevity: 11 Careers in Ceramics curated by John Glick at the
Charlie Cummings Gallery is now online at

The exhibition includes work by Mary Barringer, Linda Christensen,
John Glick, Jan McKeachie Johnston, Randy Johnston, Elizabeth Lurie,
Peg Malloy, Ron Meyers, John Stephenson, Susanne Stephenson, and Marie Woo.

Mr. Glick writes: "When Charlie asked me to curate an exhibition for
his gallery the subject of theme came up. What would be the reason to
bring together a group of artists? There has been a great deal of
'theme' shows....vessel, figurative, specific function(teapots ,
plates etc.) After thinking about it the notion about a gathering of
artists whose work has evolved over a long period came to mind. I
wanted to see a wide range of viewpoints in approach to material and
scale; diverse "voices" which brought a fresh feel to the subject of theme.

Most of all I wanted to bring together artists whose work I have
admired for many years. I hope the viewer will find merit in this
melding of vision, skill and longevity in the field. These are some
of the artists I am grateful for in our diverse clay community."

Charlie Cummings

Charlie Cummings Clay Studio & Gallery
4130 South Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46806