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product review - portable light studio (wally world)

updated fri 9 nov 07


John Rodgers on thu 8 nov 07

I just bought from Wally World a lighting kit called Portable Light
Studio item no. PS101, by Digital Concepts. This kit consists of a
nylon carrying pouch, with three pockets on the back, two table-top
flood lamps, a small table-top camera tri-pod, three diffuser panels -
two of which are attached to the nylon pouch and the other is
un-attached, but with velcro (supplied) forms the top of the box. There
is a blue-field cloth panel attached to the carrying pouch and the cloth
panel unfolds to form the back and bottom of the box. When assembled,
this kit makes into a 16x16x16 box with diffuser panels on both sides
and the top, with the carrying pouch forming the back side. The
diffusers work reasonably well as do the other parts, and with a little
playing around with adjustments, positioning of lights etc, some decent
photo shots can be made. This unit appears to be made for the purposes
of quick and dirty pictures for loading onto the internet to the likes
of Ebay and others. Works reasonably well for smaller objects, and for
those who have limited space, this portability is handy.

Cost was $49.95.


John Rodgers
Chelsea, AL