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pottery books and amazon

updated fri 2 nov 07


Steven Branfman on thu 1 nov 07

A recent post read:

<Into Beauty, Foreword by Shoji Hamada and adapted by Bernard Leach.=A0 It
is a Kodansha International Ltd.=A0 Book The first edition was in 1972
The ISBN 0-87011-184-1.This book is something that has a lot of thoughtful=20
issues and ideas.

The book is still available on Amazon.>>

Here we go again. Amazon?? PLEASE!! There are at least a few suppliers on=20
this list (some of whom are also potters) who sell this book. Please partoni=
ze a=20
clay person before you support Amazon.

Steven Branfman

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Tom at on thu 1 nov 07

Geez...I don't know Steve....I get my clay at WalMart and it's wonderful!!!

Tom Wirt

In case the person who put the Amazon comment on doesn't get it, I'm
kidding. Buy LOCAL!!!!! That's means Steve, Axner, clay suppliers...the
people who support you.