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besser teapot collection

updated tue 30 oct 07


Barbara Brown on mon 29 oct 07

Friday afternoon Sandy Kinzie and I went to the opening reception of the =
Diane and Sandy Besser Collection which includes 79 contemporary teapots,=
75 of them made of clay. The show is at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Ga=
te Park in San Francisco. It is a great show and many of the artists who=
made the teapots were there. Jason Walker (who's teapot is on the cover=
of the catalog), Sandy Simon, Robert Brady, Christa Assad, Clayton Baile=
y and Phil Cornelius to name a few. Sandy Besser was also there (Diane pa=
ssed away in 2001). The Bessers are donating the teapots to the DeYoung.=
The show will be up until Jan. 13, 2008. The show also includes the Be=
sser collection of contemporary drawings and a collection of African bead=
work. The show is downstairs and you have to walk thru a show of sculptu=
re of Louise Nevelson (which is great) and there is a gift shop with the =
catalog in back of the Besser show.
The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday 9:30am-5:15=20
Admission: Adult (18-64) $10
Seniors (65+) $7
The catalog is $29.95
Prior to the reception we stopped at the home of Jeffrey Spahn, potter, c=
ollector and art dealer and saw his wonderful collection so we had a wond=
erful day of looking at all kinds of pottery.

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