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cone 5 or h.f. majoilica?

updated sat 8 nov 97


centa uhalde on fri 7 nov 97

As a total novice to glaze-making, one line of experimentation I'd like to
pursue is with majoilica. My interest in exploring higher fire alternatives
is mainly because if I produce dishware, for example, I'd like to have
functional pieces that don't chip the way traditional majoilica does.

A few questions:

1) I like the non-traditional use of coloring the base glaze a little so
that it is not pure white. How is that achieved, in higher range or

2) I'd like to use a higher fire terracotta (^5 to 10), and higher fire use
of colorants, stains or oxides, that are still bright in the higher fire
range. Which colorants? And how do you rate the use of commercial products
(as a starting place maybe), like underglazes that are advertised for use
in majoilica vs. stains or oxide recipes?

3) I know there are substitute glazes (higher fire) but I like the textural
affect of I think its the tin element. Are there tin substitutes (not so
expensive) that give the same affect as tin to colors?

thank you,