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was shipping/now thanks

updated thu 11 oct 07


Tracy Bradford on wed 10 oct 07

Thanks for the replies. Lots of options and I will indeed check out
both ,Fed. Ex. and Priority Air.

John, I'm curious about how you estimate shipping prices for your
customer using Priority Air. Right now I tell my customers shipping
can run as high as 30% of the retail price. Usually it seems to run
on average about 22-24% but it can go higher. I don't ship that many
small packages, say, under 12 x12", most are large.

Someone mentioned Priority and Parcel Post were very close in price
yet I have found that is no longer true. Most of my packages that I
ship are quite large... 20 x 20 x16. Last week had I gone with
Priority my customer would have had to pay $45. shipping on a $100.
bowl. That didn't even cover the cost of packaging. Parcel post to
the same address was $16 sooooo its easy to see what my customers
would want to pay.

I have to admit I really didn't have much breakage issues with UPS in
the twelve years I shipped with them. Perhaps ten claims total and
they always paid quickly. I'm just tired of their high rates and the
fuel surcharges...

Now what I need to work on is convincing my customers to just take the
pottery WITH them when they stop by my store. That would save most of
my hassle!

Again, thanks for all the input.