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old pottery books

updated tue 16 oct 07


Mike Gordon on mon 15 oct 07

What a great find! Thanks for passing it along. I went through my old
books looking for a book by a ceramic guy who started out making
ceramic toilets & it was signed by a member of the family in blue ink
as a present to somebody else. I'll find it eventually. But I did find
an old " Amaco Electric Kilns & Pottery Supplies" catalog Vol. 37. The
distributor was American Art Clay Co. in Indianapolis, Indiana. Inside
the pamphlet was a price list from "B.F. Drakenfield & Co."dated April
1, 1947.Inside that was a 6"x9" poster advertising their new potters
kick wheel, the illustration is of a treadle wheel, though. Only $
97.50. Also found an a book titled, "Pottery Made Easy", by John Wolfe
Dougherty, copyright 1939. Photo acknowledgments, include Rookwood
Pottery,Co., Roseville Pottery Co., and the Metropolitan Museum of Art,
N.Y. Great old diagrams on a graph for vase contours. Thanks again,
Mike Gordon