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updated fri 26 oct 07


Meg Smeal on thu 25 oct 07

I am very sorry for what you perceive as a slight - I certainly didn't mean
it as such - I was specifically trying to answer a question on what an
out-of-towner could see in ceramics in NYC -

I answered the query as if I myself were visiting a city for a day or two
(as I was in Dublin several weeks ago) and wanted to see the local pots scene -
Therefore - I was interested in describing the places I myself go to
regularly to be inspired interspersed with studios I know to be open - spaces I
can see many of in one day -

I love Brooklyn, but it is quite a bit more spread out than Manhattan. I
mentioned your studio as being in Brooklyn - as a studio - I was assuming
that this person would be wanting to see full blown American ceramics galleries
which unfortunately we don't have many/any of here!

Actually, some of the best ceramics to be had/seen/bought in town are in the
various shows which may or may not be happening this weekend like the one at
Lincoln Center - That's why I mentioned a peek at the Friday NY Times or

Again - sorry if my message was interpreted in a way I didn't intend - Meg

In a message dated 10/25/2007 12:06:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

I am a little taken back at the slight on my studio. Who are you? Do I know
you? Have you ever been here? And most importantly why are you saying my
studio is not worth a 15 min. train ride! I have more space and equipment
almost every other studio in this city. I know for a fact that I will also
people to make more and experiment more than any other studio. I have
re-configured space, built equipment and bent over backwards for people
when they
have had specific projects. If you are going to drop a bomb shell like that
wish you would explain yourself

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