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mp3 audio files of david, john, mel, and ron; kiln school videos

updated thu 11 oct 07


Arnold Howard on wed 10 oct 07

Last year I recorded interviews with David Hendley, John
Hesselberth, Mel Jacobson, and Ron Roy. The interviews are
online in mp3 format and are finally ready:

You can play these directly from your computer, or you can
download them to an mp3 player and listen while you work.
Feel free to share them with friends.

John Hohenshelt and I have also produced kiln maintenance
videos. You can watch them from the link above. I've made
low and high resolution versions so that you can watch them
even if you have only a dialup connection.

Please let me know if you encounter technical difficulties.
I also welcome your opinions and suggestions.


Arnold Howard
Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA /