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antique pottery books

updated tue 16 oct 07


Brian Bullock on sun 14 oct 07

Hello All,

Second only to potting is my enjoyment of books... especially old ones. I
can only rarely find old ones on pottery and usually can't afford them when
I do find them.

So when I discovered "Google Books" I was in heaven. I've gone through their
listings of public domain books (most from the late 1800s, early 1900s) and
made a digital library of the technical books on the subject of pottery. I
didn't include the books targeted at pottery collectors (listing marks,
etc.) or the ones about archaeological studies but I did include a few
biographies (wedgewood, seger, etc.)

So for my fellow antique book loving potters I offer the link below.

And if you find that you just have to get your hands on a real world copy of
one of these books then take a look at

who will produce a hard cover copy for you at a reasonable price ($30 to
$50) or a paperback for even less.


Brian R Bullock

Patty Kaliher on mon 15 oct 07

Thanks Brian! What fun reading from your library.