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nc potters that wholesale

updated thu 6 nov 97


Wendy Rosen on wed 5 nov 97

From: Wendy Rosen
Subject: Re: wanted NC potters that wholesale
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Dear Janet,
The next issue of Niche Magazine will have more than 100 wholesaling
ceramic artists along with hundreds of artists in other media. Our
February Buyers Market will have about 200 ceramic artists exhibiting. Let
me know if you need information about registration, hotels or travel
arrangements. We expect about 8,000 craft gallery and shop owners to
attend in Philadelphila, February 13-16, 1997. Please also be sure to send
us your change of address as soon as possible.
Best Wishes on your move!!!

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I am moving my gallery, Carolina Creations, in january to larger quarters
>and am looking for some new pottery to carry. We have been in business 7
>years and carry pottery, jewelry, sculpture, paintings, painted furniture.
>We carry all sorts of styles from fun & funky to elegant. I'm not too much
>into the real country look.
>We are in the downtown historic district in a super location and do lots of
>promotion, I do both pottery, mostly tiles and handbuilt stuff and
>paintings and drawings, my husband is a new potter doing mostly terra cotta
>garden pots.
>Some people we have been carrying are Lucinda Pittman, Stone Crow, Floyd
>Kemp, Benjamin Burnes, Candace Young and more.
>We try to carry mostly North Carolina hand made things but do have a few
>things that are not. Since we are so far east, New Bern, 110 miles east of
>Raleigh, 35 west of Beaufort, we prefer to deal with people that ship but
>if the work is neat enough we can deal with it. I am looking for potters
>that wholesale. We pay promptly.
>If you are interested please send photos, info., price list to me at
>Carolina Creations
>PO Box 3544
>New Bern, NC 28564
>If you would like to talk on the phone the number is 919-633-4369
>Hope to hear from you!
>Janet Francoeur

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