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i need to fire 3 medium to large pieces in the ne ok area before the

updated sat 29 sep 07


Curtis Adkins on fri 28 sep 07

end of october...

Hi All,

As some of you know I am new at this pottery/clayart business and under-bought my first kiln (I
quickly out grew it,)and haven't money or the know-how to buy or build another presently. Anyway,
I need kiln time, and fast! The big sales are just around the corner.

I am willing to pay for my firing time or trade my labor instead which ever is better for you. I
live in Miami, OK and am willing to travel 75-100 miles one way if the firing cost is reasonable.

Oh, I fire "single-fire" with stable store bought glazes at cone 5. Please write back soon if you
are willing or someone you know is and you/they have a kiln that is somewhere around the inside
dimensions of 36"h x 36"d x 36"w and shelves that can accomadate a mask that is 6" d x 22" w x
30"l. The other pieces are a good deal smaller than the mask.

Thanks in advance,

Sincerely Curtis Adkins

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