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pricing--perceived value

updated mon 24 sep 07


Jeanette Harris on sat 22 sep 07

>Then there is the idea of "perceived value."

The Perceived Value idea is an interesting one to think about.

A pot in a kitchen cabinet or on a table looks different from one
sitting on a shelf in a booth with lots of other pots like it.

A pot on a pedestal in a gallery has to compete with all art on the
wall yelling "Look at ME! Look at ME!" and other

A pot on a pedestal in the middle of an empty museum space looks a
whole lot more impressive.

Jeanette Harris
Poulsbo WA

Susan Fox Hirschmann on sat 22 sep 07

Then there is the idea of "perceived value."
I have had some pieces that were slow to sell, but when I raised the prices,
I sold them! One piece, once it was published in a book last year, I raised
the price, and now have sold several of those designs. Who knows, maybe it is
the book publishing that did or, or perhaps the higher price "meant" it is
worth more in someone's eyes!?

Who knows how the public thinks? We only care when we are making a living in
this business, like many of us are. But it is fun to listen to people that
talk about my work and the prices when they are in my booth. When I start
hearing, "Gee, I wonder why the work is so reasonable!"---I know it may be time to
raise prices.

My own idea is that if a piece comes out super spectacular....or as you say a
"racer".....I should price it where ever I feel it is worth. The same size
piece may also be in my booth, but differently and perhaps mundanely glazed,
and it will be less. There is a person for every pot, and the collectors will
value that racer for its special character, and always pay the price. No back
talk either. They know they are getting a special piece...and heck I feel
after 29 years in this field, my work should be priced where ever I think it
should be priced.
No ego intended here...HONEST! just knowing that I am doing things now that I
could and did not do, say 15 years ago, and so I feel that my experience and
hopefully, the "expertise" is worth something to me. (besides my need to pay
my bills! and expenses rising in my area here).

People that collect pottery do not need explanations. For those that do, I
always have one for them!

There are as many opinions on this, I am sure, as there are potters out there.
So just my own 2 cents!
Annandale, VA

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