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weight for shipping boxes? wrapping "doohickeys"

updated fri 14 sep 07


Gayle Bair on thu 13 sep 07

I have found that handles, spouts and various "doohickeys" can be
given extra protection by using pieces of pipe foam insulation see:
I have also used those foam swimming pool tubes but they are a lot more
I picked up a 4 pack of them about $4. at my local hardware store. I use
wrap in addition to the pipe foam.
You are right about the packing tape being difficult to remove.
I do use it but fold over the edge and mark it so it's noticeable.

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA
Tucson, AZ

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From: Charlie Cummings


If your 'doo-hickies' are especially fragile, you can cut sections of
cardboard tube to fit over them (with plenty of space on all sides.)
Tape the tube to the piece before you put on the bubble wrap.

When it comes to bubble wrap, I've found that masking tape is
friendlier to the person who unpacks the pots. Blue painter's tape
is more expensive, but it comes off with no damage to the packing
material. Clear packing tape is the worst. It is hard to see, you
almost always have to cut it to retrieve the pot, and it makes it
hard to reuse the bubble wrap.

Best wishes,
Charlie Cummings

Charlie Cummings Clay Studio & Gallery
4130 South Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46806

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