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updated sun 16 sep 07


Mark Issenberg on sat 15 sep 07

Just got back from Florida, it was a whirl wind tour even did a kayak tour
near Port Charlotte Harbor .. Also went to Ybor City for a Cuban sandwich and
bought hand made cigars for my pal Stan. My first stop after seeing my family
in Maitland was going to Axners to buy sponges. Ive been really picky about
sponges. I buy a lot of them when I have to opportunity and Axners was the
opportunity ,, I bought a bunch of natural sponges and a bag of yellow man made
ones. I used to not like the cosmetic sponges for some reason that I dont
know.. I now have been using them for a long time now for clean up when Im

I bought the bigger cosmetic sponges and used them for throwing yesterday..
I kinda liked them but I still like the naturals better for throwing. Now I
realized that I need the smaller ones also.. Guess those I can mail order since
they are all the same I think.

I find I need to handle the natural sponges when I pick them ,, I hope I
have enough for many years before I run out off them again

Talking about tools , I now have a John Deere 410 Back hoe.. I bought it
when I was working on a tractor in the machine shop where I work on my
tractors.. The JD 410 needed work. I didn't know how much work.. I have been working
on it off and on for about 3 years.. It was more of a education.. Well its
finally up here , it really moves some big rocks, mo betta than my New Holland
35,, always try to use the right tool for the job

Also there is a BIG difference between a Miami Cuban Sandwich and a Cuban
Sandwich made some where else.. I really love and miss the Cuban Sandwiches at
the Latin American Cafe,, also miss fresh mangoes and avocadoes


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