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new york state artist health insurance

updated thu 13 sep 07


Eric Serritella on wed 12 sep 07

Please reply to Marie Ortiz:

Subject: Healthcare for Artists
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 13:08:10 -0400

Dear NY State Artists,
Fractured Atlas is currently working on with a major healthcare =
initiative to be able to provide artists with access to healthcare all =
throughout NY State. While artists who live in New York City and its =
five surrounding counties have access to low cost healthcare options, we =
are unable to offer a healthcare plan to artists who live beyond the =
metropolitan area.

We are currently in talks with GHI to have them develop a low-cost, =
full-featured plan for artists in Upstate New York. However, GHI has =
asked the we demonstrate evidence of the need for this insurance in the =
Upstate NY region by submitting a list of names and zip codes.

We need to compile a total list of about 2000-3000 names with =
corresponding zip codes (the more the better) in order to continue to =
move forward with GHI. Neither Fractured Atlas nor GHI will not be =
contacting you. It's basically functioning as a petition.
The sooner we can compile this list, the sooner we can enact change. If =
you live in Upstate NY, and you'd like to help out, please don't =
hesitate to email me your name and zip code at =

Please feel free to send this message and spread the word to friends and =
colleagues who would like to help as well.

Thank you for your time.

Marie Ortiz
Program Director, Healthcare
Fractured Atlas =20

Eric Serritella
528 Sebring Road
Newfield, NY 14867