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updated sun 16 sep 07


kathleen chase-jones on sat 15 sep 07

Hi- Every year I receive a calendar book from some one in my family,
cardboard covers and metal wire bound. I use it to put my bills etc... in so
I know when they are due , and the usual appointments, birthdays and such.
They are often art related themes and it seemed a shame to throw them out
when starting the new year. I simply tape pictures of pots, ideas I have
sketched, forms I like, sayings, or what ever pleases me over the calendar
parts of the book. They are hard covered (mostly) and last forever! This way
I have one for each year and I can go back and refer to them when I need an
idea. I get inspired by the sayings, the Van Gough paintings, the cartoons
and the pots that I liked at that time. It just might be a more sturdy
version of the composition book that Taylor was looking for. Plus after the
1st of the year they are usually marked way down if you don't get one as a
gift. Kathy Chase-Jones