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gas kiln inside/olympic gas kiln safety requirements!!!

updated fri 21 sep 07


Marcia Selsor on thu 20 sep 07

Dear Chae,
The manual says at least 6 feet from a combustible material..not 18 =20
inches. These kilns radiate a lot of heat and will continue to =20
radiate a lot of heat well after they are Turned off. Read the Gas =20
kiln safety manual for yout kiln below. In no way should it be inside =20=

a house.

Your Olympic Gas Kiln has been built to fire at high temperatures and =20=

to run on natural gas or propane. A few
notes before you begin firing your gas kiln will add to your =20
enjoyment and safety. Your gas kiln should be
installed on a concrete, masonry or brick floor that is non-=20
combustible. Keep all flammable materials at least 6
feet away from the kiln and do not use highly flammable, combustible =20
materials around the kiln such as gaso-
line, paint thinner, etc. The surface of the kiln is hot and =20
individuals should not touch the kiln when it is firing.

LIGHTING - The flame source (blow torch, gas match, fireplace match) =20
needs to be long enough to keep the
operator well away from the burner openings. When lighting, keep kiln =20=

door or lid open.

VENTILATION - A room must have adequate airflow into the room and =20
exhaust gases must be vented in
accordance with local requirements or codes.

GAS LEAKS - Whenever gas piping is modified, it should be leak =20
tested. Never check leaks with an open

KILN WATCHING - A gas kiln should not left unattended.
FIRE EXTINGUISHERS - The best extinguisher for a gas fire is to turn =20
the gas off. Make certain that everyone
in the area knows where the gas valve is and how to turn it off. If =20
the valve requires a wrench, hang it nearby.
Appropriate extinguishers should be available and everyone involved =20
instructed in their use.
OBSERVATION/PEEPHOLES - Care should be used when viewing through the =20
kiln=92s observation holes.
Safety suggestions are never complete and every situation will not be =20=

covered. Above all, use common sense
and good judgement when firing your gas kiln.

Marcia Selsor