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updated thu 6 sep 07


mel jacobson on wed 5 sep 07

give us more information:

how big is the kiln chamber.
how many shelves
propane or natural gas
how many burners.
it seems to are firing with far
too much gas.
you're blowing everything out.
i like to see no more than four inches of back
pressure from the lower peeps...and i never check
the is always more.

you are like driving a 400 horse power
truck..and you only need 40.
you have the gas pedal to the floor all the time.

my teacher advice is always the with the least
amount of gas you can use, and still get the kiln to climb.
it is almost the norm...if a kiln stalls, turn down the gas pressure.\
but, almost no one ever does that. they think car/faster means more
but, like really helps to be there...see it happening.
long distance kiln help is always tricky.
send me a few jpegs of the kiln and i will post them on the clayart
website. (please low res/don't want two hour downloads.)

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