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updated wed 5 sep 07


Marcia Selsor on tue 4 sep 07

I put peanuts into plastic bags and tape them shut. I find loose
peanuts to be a pain when they escape.
Taping them into a bag keeps from flying out of the box when removing
the inner box. I use bags of peanuts on every side along with corners
of 2" styrofoam.

Marcia Selsor

On Sep 4, 2007, at 4:11 AM, John Rodgers wrote:

> I use no peanuts for packing. Peanuts move around. If peanuts can move
> around, then what is in the peanuts can move around. And as you
> say, the
> item winds up on the bottom, and the peanuts on top. I typically pack
> using bubble wrap combined with unprinted news paper roll ends. This
> provides some cushion as well as some protection. This has always
> worked
> for me.And I have shipped all over the US, Canada, and to several
> non-North-American countries.
> John Rodgers
> Chelsea, AL
> Rick Mahaffey wrote:
>> Mel is right about new boxes. I always shipped in new boxes
>> because my work
>> was valuable and new boxes would reflect the respect I have for my
>> work. It
>> is also much easier to collect on a damaged shipment that was
>> shipped in new
>> boxes. UPS never questioned my claims. My work was double boxed
>> (both
>> new) wrapped in bubble wrap at least three layers with extra where
>> appropriate, and the peanuts were put into plastic bags to prevent
>> the item
>> from ending up on the bottom with all of the peanuts on top.
>> I worked with the UPS rep who took a sample box and ran it through
>> their
>> testing facility in LA. After that we had no problems with UPS.
>> I buy some things on eBay and find that most folks do not pack
>> properly.
>> In the Seattle area there is a guy whose business is picking up
>> styro foam
>> peanuts and reselling them. He picks up at one building and
>> delivers them
>> across the street for $. I know of at least one potter that buys
>> from him.
>> I often would pick up peanuts from a shop near my studio after
>> they got a
>> shipment.
>> Remember the purchaser or gallery's first impression is the
>> packaging that
>> you ship in. New boxes reinforce the quality and value of your
>> work.
>> YMMV,
>> Rick Mahaffey

Marcia Selsor