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heads up on new supply company for potters, posts, stilts, saggers,

updated wed 5 sep 07


John Thompson on mon 3 sep 07


hey guys!=0A=0AI've been a by stander for some time now, but I have recentl=
y found a resource that I thought might be good to bring to your attention.=
Have to say on the other hand, Love the postings! Great resource here!!=
! Thanks everyone!=0A=0AI have recently found a company on the East Coast,=
Maryland to be exact. The Comapany is Bear Creek Pottery Manufacturing , =
From what I can see from there pricing they sell below wholesale!! A+ for=
that!!! This company manufactures everything from Saggers, Kiln Posts, 4 =
different types up to 16" or bigger and can go to cone 11. Also I guess fo=
r the Hobby ceramist they manufacture kiln stilts the one with the sharp po=
ints. They sent me a catalog which had over 30 pages of them, man, wish I=
could use them. But the important thing and what attracted me most to =
them was the BISQUE SINKS they make. I have gotten both soda and Crystalli=
ne glaze amd wanted sinks to try them on! Love this item!!! WOOOF!!! :) A=
lso this is the first company I have ever found that have the overflows bui=
lt in! NO rubber tube!!=0AI bought the Cone 10 sinks but I see that they h=
ave Cone 6 and 1 sinks for the low fire potters. Hope you enjoy. =0ASo he=
re is the contact info on them, =0A=0ABear Creek Pottery Manufacturing=0A30=
1-860-1664 ext 11 or 14=0Aemail is for website it=
is , when I last spoke to the guy who owns the company h=
e said they were still working to get there website setup. But it was goin=
g slow. I think they are trying that online sales programming for there we=
bsite, That in it self could explain the delay for the website.=0A=0AThank=
s for listnign to me=0A=0AJohn Thompson, =0AYork Pottery=0A=0A=0A ___=
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