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101 clayart mugs... mugs--some without handles

updated tue 4 nov 97


Talbott on mon 3 nov 97

Good Point... Some mugs could go on a shelf.. Instead of boards with
pegs... Some mugs could be displayed on boards with a shelf... I do some
woodworking and I could build both peg boards and shelf boards that would
easily mount to a wall... In fact the shelf boards would be easier to
manufacture. The shelf could fit onto the support board via a sliding
dovetail. I would make the display boards from a nice hardwood like cherry
or black walnut. Thanks for your comments and all comments and suggestions
are welcomed. You can also e-mail me directly with your suggestions...

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>In order to display the exhibit I estimate... Perhaps 10 peg
>boards which would hold 10 mugs each.
>ummm, peg boards. this says to me hooks. hooks mean handles to drape
>over hooks. am i right? are we being very specific about the definition
>of mug? i don't want to get too deeply into committing here if the
>flavor of my style doesn't match the definition or intent of this
>project. the mugs i make are more like tea bowls. they're handbuilt, not
>thrown. they hold liquid. they try to feel good in your hands. but they
>don't have handles.
>just checking.
>joanna deFelice/David Payne

Details will be forth coming!!!

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