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the ups driver

updated thu 6 sep 07


mel jacobson on mon 3 sep 07

i take very good care of my ups/fed ex/ and postal drivers.
they get mugs.
they get bowls.
they get birthday tips.

remember, the drivers of your area are your eyes
when you are not home. they see everything.

my postal carrier always stops and buys pots for
his wife when i have a sale.
he has a nice coffee mug of mine rolling around in his truck.

they all walk stuff to my door.
they leave packages in my studio if i am not home.
they fuss over me. and, i take very good care of them.
same for my garbage guy. he has become a friend.
how you treat how they treat you.
it is like the guy mopping at the store...most think he
is furniture.

and, the best ever...the coffee room at the huge cub foods
store where i shop has twenty mel mugs. do you think for a
minute they do not make sure i get the best food they have?
`mel, don't take those green beans, i have new stuff in the back room
the truck just arrived`.
hmmmmmmm, need a special cut of meat...tommy sure can do it
quickly...and the weight is often to my favor.

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=?iso-8859-1?Q?Tig_Dupr=E9?= on tue 4 sep 07

-----------------------<>--------------------- i take very=
good care of my ups/fed ex/ and postal drivers.they get mugs.they get bowl=
s.they get birthday tips. -----------------------<>------------------=
Mel has it right. Take care of the folks who take care of you. My grandfa=
told me that the measure of a gentleman is how he treats those who serve=20
him. I like to think of it as "we all work together."
I live in a small town, near several big towns. Port Orchard has a populat=
of about 8,500. Seattle has nearly a million. Tacoma has about 200,000. =
I have
spread mugs and small bowls all around Port orchard. Like a drug dealer, I=
'em hooked with freebies, then sell 'em stuff.
The lady who delivers my UPS stuff puts boxes under the porch, out of the r=
She sometimes finds a box with a raku bowl or a mug with a new glaze I've b=
working on. The mailman has a mug he carries in the truck with him. We so=
stop and talk for a few minutes.
People like to think that what they do in life is important enough to be re=
and appreciated. And yes, Guido the garbage man especially appreciates it =
someone thanks him.
Just a thought...
Tig Dupre
in RAINY Port Orchard, WA=

Lois Ruben Aronow on wed 5 sep 07

Ditto from NYC. I love the UPS man - both the home one and the business
one. I appreciate them doubly because the Pos for both addresses are