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from marcia s/cone 6 red

updated sat 1 sep 07


mel jacobson on fri 31 aug 07

i have posted the picture on my clayart website.
nice pot....

I don't know how to post a picture. Here is a photo of my sweet
copper red ^6 reduction glaze with recipe. This is from when I was
throwing sticks into the kiln after shutting down. Don't know why
there is a line across pictures except it survived a HD crash.

Copper Red ^6 Reduction
Neph Syn 2766.5 54
Gerstley Borate 630.5 12
Whiting 535.5 10
Silica 1067.50 20
Tin Oxide 75 1.5
Copper Carbonate 20 .3
Red Iron Oxide 20 .3
5115 97 .1
Marcia Selsor

from: mel/

Clayart page link:

Randy McCall on fri 31 aug 07

I was wondering what the firing schedule is with this glaze and when you

South Carolina
Pottery Web site

Marcia Selsor on fri 31 aug 07

I think you are writing to me but my post was from "clayart". Anyway,
started one burner 7:30 am low damper 1/2 open
9 am second burner one low
10:30 increase the burners a little
11:30-12 ^09 start reducing light reduction to 04 by adjusting
damper and reducing air
12-3 or 4 keep in neutral atmosphere adjust damper and air
Reduce as ^5 going on bottom and starting on top
This evens out the firing ^6 at 3 o'clock or dropping. About 45
minutes to an hour.
Clear atmosphere for 10 minutes with oxidizing flame.
. Shut damper completely.
As approaching red heat, throw some sticks into the peep holes and
burners ports every 30 minutes for an hour or 2.
No pyrometer used and no oxyprobe. Low tech. To see if the flame is
in reduction, a stick is held by the peep hole where there is a
licking greenish flame. If the stick doesn't burn, it is in reduction.

Marcia Selsor