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pix of mel's sale

updated fri 31 aug 07


mel jacobson on thu 30 aug 07

the decks and open areas of my home are all designed
to take advantage of sales of pottery. i built all that you
see over 40 years.

the sale of pots makes it possible to add on, make new
and maintain my studio. teaching paid for my family to
live well. selling pots adds to that quality of life.

when we sell pots from home, the best pieces are set out
on the decks, there are another 200 pieces on the shelves in the

i use the mackenzie theory...lots of pots, prices fair, and that
allows folks to buy 3 or 4 things...not just one.
when people come to my home....they feel they are getting a
good bargain, a fair they buy more. they know that
70 percent is not going to a middle macy's. it is all
mine. i take the 70 percent commission.

it means i have to work harder, set the show, take it
a few hundred to all of them...know what their
kids are doing....they see my research and new ideas....admire
some stuff i am doing. the pay back for me is very good.
this concept did not happen over has taken years to build.
pix on the clayart page below.

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