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low-fire glaze

updated tue 1 dec 98


Lynnesque3 on sun 2 nov 97

dear clayarters, i must amend my previous posting--the glazed i am desperate
for are to be fired at cone 06 not cone 6. sorry for any confusion,
inconvenience. below is my original request--corrected. thank you very much
in advance. Lynn Korbel

dearest clayarters,
i am looking for some nice food-safe glazes with soul for firing at cone
06--tired of commercial glazes--am still having to fire my work at a local
shop that will only fire greenware to cone 04--sometimes i wonder if they even
get it that high :-^ also, in case it matters--i have not had the pleasure
of mixing my own glazes--will have to buy necessary chemicals.
Thank you in advance for any help!

lynn korbel, on the mississippi gulf coast--still smiling after my 3d show
because it was the 1st successful one!!!

Tom Buck on tue 12 may 98

Here is a mix I tested for raku but it should serve as a C012-010 base
35 Borax decahydrate (washing machine borax)
34 Ferro frit 3278 (or Pemco P830, Hommel K3)
23 Gerstley borate
8 Kaolin (EPK, Grolleg, or other low-iron)

Since this contains a water-soluble compound (Borax), it is best used
fresh-mixed otherwise it will become non-uniform on standing (borax
recrystallizes as big crystals). This is a body-reactive mix and may not
work on all low-fire bodies.
Good tests. Til later.

Tom Buck ) tel: 905-389-2339 & snailmail: 373 East
43rd St. Hamilton ON L8T 3E1 Canada (westend Lake Ontario, province of
Ontario, Canada).

Michele Jurist on sun 29 nov 98


I just wanted to know if anyone has a reliable C05-04 glaze that is a true

Thanks for all of the great information so far.


Karen Shapiro on mon 30 nov 98

Hi there,

Don't know if you use commercial glazes, but if so Duncan's Tiger Lily is
pretty beautiful.

Karen in Sonoma