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interesting videos on harry holl...

updated wed 29 aug 07


Lori Doty on sun 26 aug 07

Hey all,

When I don't feel centered or need some tips on what I might do to
improve my throwing I watch You Tube pottery throwing clips.

I was scanning the You Tube archives for some throwing videos that I
might not have seen before and happened on a series titled, "A
centered universe: The life and art of Harry Holl". Fascinating work
and breadth of scope/practice.

Here is the link for the complete series

I can't wait to hear other peoples impressions of his work.

Lori Doty
Rolla, MO

Anne Doyle on mon 27 aug 07

Thank you so much for posting this link.... i spent all morning watching
his life stories... very interesting person and what a life he has had and
work he has created...

I have just returned from a week on the Cape and i wish i had known of him
before i went, i certainly would have made a detour to go to their shop.

in Saint-Sauveur, where the brilliant sun is shining and i am finally on
my way down to the basement to get some work done... much inspired...