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cooking class with pots

updated fri 24 aug 07


Elizabeth Priddy on thu 23 aug 07

The local co-op can't do classes on site anymore, so I am considering
doing my project here at home in the new building.

I am keeping it clean and mopped, have good kitchen experience, and
plan to offer the course as a club activity to avoid the whole issue.

A few of us can meet monthly, advertised to the membership, food will be
pooled from local sources with no actual cost, and the pots will be available
to buy but no emphasis on this.

If we are just a self-sustaining cooking club, there should be no 'you are not
a restaurant so you can't serve food' issues, right?

And I am insured for classes and injuries during classes on my property, so
the basic liability is covered.

Any thoughts?


Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA

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