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an embarrassing admission - welding class

updated fri 24 aug 07


Ted Neal on thu 23 aug 07


I was the same way...then when I had to start teaching kiln building
I decided to take a welding class.

I will tell you, for $60... at a local trade school or "applied technology center"
I got a 10 week class, two times a week, and learned torch work (welding,cutting, brazing)
and stick and mig welding and even got certified on three different weld types. It was one heck
of a deal and one of the more useful skills I have learned (and have used it often building many
things besides kilns Even a novice can produce very good welds with mig and a day of practice

As you said welding is not a necessity.
You don't need to learn to survive, you can't argue with that,but for those out there who may have
an opportunity, jump on it. As they say" The more you know, the more you know. I will never look



Ted Neal

Ball State University