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shameless self promotion time

updated sun 19 aug 07


Jim Willett on sat 18 aug 07

For those of you who get Canadian TV, Out of the Fire Studio will be
featured again on Edmonton Global TV's morning news show with four two and
a half minute cut-ins over a two hour period beginning around 7:30 am MDT
this Thursday August 23rd. Two of the spots will feature Vancouver torch
glass blower Braden Hammond, one will feature
Painter Richard Dixon and and one spot will feature Cindy
throwing a large pot of some description while I talk to the host Lorraine
Mansbridge. Should be fun. Braden will be giving glass blowing
demonstrations during the evening from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. If you are in the
Edmonton area stop by the studio, 12214 Jasper Avenue.

Jim Willett
Out of the Fire Studio