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layering cone 6 glazes

updated thu 16 aug 07


Virgil and Susan Leise on wed 15 aug 07

I have been experimenting with layering cone 6 glazes this last year. I =
have used the glaze recipe on page 86 of Masering Cone 6 Glazes by John =
Hesselberth and Ron Roy. I also used Tony Hansens 20 X 5 base glaze. =

I have layered one of these glazes of different colors...from =
white---blue---greens with
Alisa Clausen's Wodo White matt glaze. =20
In the Wodo White...I ran out of Neph substituted Feldspar =
and also it was too dry on my clay (Mile Hi) and so I added an extra 10 =
% of Gerstley Borate.
I found that by making different colors of the Wodo glaze and layering =
this on top of the glaze from page 86 and the 20 x 5 glaze...I have =
gotten some wonderful results. It has a look of High fire..more than I =
have seen before. It is difficult to describe. It is a 'frosted' look =
and breaks on detail. It has a slick surface..but not glossy...not =
matt. Very nice to touch...
I have also tried the Wodo over Raspberry and Jeanies Purple..This =
tones down the colors ..but creates an interesting glaze.
(in Nebraska...muggy here...but fall is on the way!)