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early english tea pots/brown betty

updated fri 17 aug 07


Marcia Selsor on thu 16 aug 07

FYI for those interested, the Brown Betty teapot is one of the
earlier British teapot designs and said to be the best teapot ever.
It is still manufactured today It looks like it is copied after a
Yixing design but enlarged for English tea drinkers. The Brown Betty
was first produced in Stoke-on-Trent and is still made in
Stafforshire today. It reminds me of the Tetley Teapot on the Tetley
Tea cans of my youth.

Marcia Selsor

jeanne wood on thu 16 aug 07

The Book "Tin Glazed Earthenware" by Daphne Carnegy has two photos of 16th Century maiolica 'spouted jars'. They have handles opposite the spout.
During the time they were used for herbal infusions but look like they could be a precursor to the later. and now traditional. teapot shape. If someone was to reproduce these and include a lid, they would undoubtedly be classified as 'teapots' if a somewhat unusual style.
-Jeanne W.
In Idaho

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