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beautiful pots!!

updated mon 20 aug 07


joyce on sun 19 aug 07

I know Dolita's great pot was fired in an electric kiln. Yours were
from a reduction high fire, right?

I love the blue. I've experimented sometimes with Pete's red over
other glazes but not the oil
spot. I haven't been disappointed yet.

I'm really getting excited again. I can now sit at the wheel!!!
I have increased appreciation for handbuilders. It's good to try it
all, (well, almost all)
but it's a thrill to be throwing
nevertheless. I do think my skills have improved because of the
handbuilding experiences.

Now if I can just find that dratted elf camera! Everytime I learn
how to use it with some
degree of success, I stop using it, and now (par for the course) I
have to start with finding
it before I can learn once again. Too bad there isn't a re-fire
process for the digital cameras.
I did fine with my old equipment..... even taught photography until
we could find a Real
Photographer to replace me. (However, they're still using the
darkroom for which we raised
the money and had installed...... with a revolving door! The kids
were so proud of that door.
We in the desert find our fun in odd ways.... What I enjoyed most was
hearing the squeals
and frantic sounds coming from the darkroom when I clicked my heels
the last few feet
before reaching to push the oddly resistant revolving door.... it's
Mrs. Lee.... oh, dxxxx, it is
too.... I would NOT kid about that....... and on and on. As I said,
we in the desert find our own fun....
even the assistant principals amongst us....)

Thanks for sharing the lovely pots! A true joy.......

In the Mojave desert of California where she's considering a web page
perhaps to show some work
also.. you guys are an inspiration.......