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updated sat 18 aug 07


Wes Rolley on fri 17 aug 07

There is an interesting commentary on the relationship of a work to
anything else in the etching "Painter and Model, Knitting" by Picasso.
View it here.

It is one of Picasso's illustrations for a special edition of Honoré
Balzac's short story, The Unknown Masterpiece. This is remarkable in
several way. Not only is the realistic model transformed into a series
of geometric forms, swirls and lines, but the model is unlike most
Picasso's models. She is not the wonderful image of youthful beauty as
might have been Marie Therese Walter, but is rather a plain, working
woman, sitting and knitting, a very domestic task.

A good commentary

is online at a blog called "a reader's words".

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