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terra sigallata

updated wed 15 aug 07


Surendra Rose on tue 14 aug 07

I am making some reproductions of some historical pieces. They are two low
fire sculptures and a few vessels. They will be used in a children's
display, so they need to be handled frequently. I was planning on using a
few different types of earthen ware, my problem is I am on a very, very
tight deadline and I need to use something like a commercially made Terra
Sigallata, or something that looks like it on two of the pieces to save
time. So does anyone know of a company that sells commercial Terra Sigallata
that comes in a wide range of colors, and that will stick to most
earthenware clay?
I have been reading how to make home made Terra Sig, and I just don't have
the time to spend making and testing that.
Also a few of the other pieces need to look like they were dug out of the
ground, any suggestions on a sort of dirt like patina to use?