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slip density

updated tue 14 aug 07


Ivor and Olive Lewis on mon 13 aug 07

Dear John Sankey,
When you say your slip is made from Sodium Silicate and Clay, is this =
raw, pure, undiluted Sodium silicate or is it a solution of a small =
proportion of Sodium Silicate, say 1 or 2 per cent, in water ?
There is a difference and as we are told, understanding the Science is =
Raw liquid Sodium Silicate is an adhesive in its own right. It dries to =
give a strong bond.
In contrast, water is converted into a deflocculant solution when a =
small proportion of liquid Sodium Silicate is mixed into it. A mixture =
of about 15% of this solution and 85% dry clay will make a fluid that =
has a flow rate similar to that of "Single Cream". I would estimate the =
Specific Gravity on the hydrometer would read about 1.100 but it may =
be higher or lower. I have never measured the slips I use to attach =
Best regards,