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children's juried online clay exhibit-first annual

updated tue 14 aug 07


Elizabeth Priddy on mon 13 aug 07

To celebrate children's art in the classroom, I am offering a juried exhibit
of "Children's Clay in the Classroom", to be posted on
for the duration of 2007-8 school year. I have been inspired by children and
have taught them for over 20 years and would like to offer them a forum for display
and celebration of their talent.

Each teacher from any one school may submit one digital picture, jpeg format,
for each of three categories:


Please photograph work on a neutral grey background, standard gray poster paper is
fine, no gradient needed or desired. Please do not include other objects or background.
Include only one clay object in each photograph.

So a sample entry would be a jpeg image with the title
"Joe Smith age 6 first grade Smyrna Elem nc.jpg"

Long subject lines are good and will make posting easier.

If a school has more than one art teacher, designate only one from that school to
submit work.

I realize this will be a lot of pictures, but I have a lot of space. I hope to represent all 50 states.

Subject matter: only clay items, no other restrictions.

You, the teacher, are the juror and are responsible for submitting the work with
the following information:

grade of student
name of student and age
school name and state

Permission file to read:

"I (your name), verify that the following children's parents agree to have their child's work exhibited online in the "2007 Children's Clay in the Classroom Exhibit'."

Followed by your name, position in school, name of school, address of school,
phone and email contact information.

If at any time, the parents or child choose to have the work removed, this will be done.

Work must be submitted beginning on September 1, and no later than October 1, 2007.
Work for the 2007 Exhibit must be made in the previous 12 months, October to October.
The exhibit will be available online by Nover 15, in time for holiday viewing by families.

There are no prizes other than the local school will provide and that is according to
their own means. The teacher, as juror, may choose from all work created or may
run a contest. A blue ribbon and runner up is a suggested prize, and a local library
display of entries. Any documentation of this will be acknowledged on the Exhibit
site and the Exhibit site will include links to online pictures of other entries.

Please submit work by email to the following address:

with the subject line:

Children's Clay in the Classroom Submission

No other submission format will be accepted. If you do not comply with this format,
the work submission will be rejected. The reason for this is that other information will
not be filtered through email into a special folder set up for these submissions. I expect
a large number of submissions and to that end, I need to keep a strict limit on entries
per school and per state. Please print out these guidelines and give them to the teacher
in charge of the submissions. No submissions by mail will be accepted.

For more information or questions, please contact me directly at

Thank you for participating or forwarding this information to a school teacher near you!


Elizabeth Priddy
Beaufort, NC - USA

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