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tony clennell ny workshop

updated sun 12 aug 07


tony clennell on sat 11 aug 07

I took lots of pictures and have put a slideshow up on the web at: They don=92t do justice to the workshop, but they=92re
just some samples of what we got to see at the workshop.

Thanks, Tony. I had a great time.

Barb: thanks for the kind words and the amazing slide show you put
together. I have never seen anyone make as many faces in a
presentation in my life. What i did in the other hours may scare the
daylights outta me.
If I may say the crit at the end was a group effort that I lead
somewhat, sorta. Everyone walked away encouraged and having something
to think about in terms of their own work and what I had been yackin'
and demoing during the weekend. Maybe i should have done it at the
beginning so I could have known how good many of the participants are.
But then I had to build up your trust so the end is probably a
natural. Mid afternoon of second day presenter and participants are
tired so to retire to the picnic table/lawn drink a glass of wine and
look at others pots was I thought re-energizing.
It was great to see old clayart friends Linda Blossom who generously
brought a black bean and nacho dish to the opening. I thought it was
hamburger laden only to find it was made from the food that food
eats-vegetables. Dick Aerni came to heckle and I visited his palacial
studio on the Sunday night. What a great setup in the heart of
Rochester. His work has taken on a much more confident nature.
Fabulous forms and killer glaze jobs.
Mike Carroll is building an empire there in Avon- pottery supply
business, teaching facility, studio pottery, housing landlord and now
gallery. Yikes, makes me feel like a sow moving slug.
Sheila is trying to build me a blog that I can maneuver in China.
Your blog inspired me. C u again soon.
Wayne jinxed my Yahoo so I'm back on the USU site that only accepts
digest and I find this a royal pain in the keester.