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tony clennell workshop report

updated sat 11 aug 07


Barb Lord on fri 10 aug 07

Well, group, I attended the Tony Clennell Workshop last weekend in Avon,
NY at Studio Sales Pottery=92s new Schoolhouse #3 Gallery.

First I'd like to say that Mike and his crew have done an incredible job
with the gallery. It's beautiful! What a nice, bright, comfortable
atmosphere. The displays are really well done, but since Mike and his
people are all artists I expected that. The building is perfect for
conducting workshops, with a raised =93stage=94 area at one end and all the
necessary equipment it allows all of the participants to see what is being

Second, it was a pleasure to meet Tony in person. Friday night was the
galley show opening. We got meet Tony and see some of his work along with
the work of other artists from the area. A glass of wine and some
munchies, along with a slideshow made for a great evening. I was ready
for the workshop to begin.

Ok, it didn't take long to discover that Tony is a warm easy-going kinda
guy. What a great teacher. He gave us an overview of what he planned for
the workshop and then followed the plan. Tony warmed up by making some
beautiful mugs. We got to watch him make the components for his sectional
big work. He made it look so easy. Now I can't wait to try his
techniques. Maybe I can make something over 10 inches tall=85

Then on Sunday Tony put everything together, as well as adding handles and
trimming feet, adding texture with roulettes, making teapot spouts, and
just in general showing that attention to detail makes all the difference
in the quality of work. We even got to make our own roulettes. Although
Tony had to do everything kind of fast, it was obvious that taking a
little extra time will improve my work immensely.

At the end of the day Tony generously took the time to critique the work
of the workshop participants. It was nice to hear from someone of this
caliber what we=92re doing right and where we can improve our work. At the
conclusion, Tony sent us off with hugs all around. Can=92t wait to try out
all these =93new to me=94 ideas.

I took lots of pictures and have put a slideshow up on the web at: They don=92t do justice to the workshop, but they=92re
just some samples of what we got to see at the workshop.

Thanks, Tony. I had a great time.