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qualia, beauty, and clear speech - a small pleasant foray...

updated sun 12 aug 07


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on fri 10 aug 07

This is pretty nice -


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Kathy Forer on sat 11 aug 07

On Aug 10, 2007, at 8:32 PM, pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET wrote:

> This is pretty nice -
> +wilson

That seems terrific, Phil, Wow. I like his mixture of "anger and
optimism." There's so much by and on Robert Anton Wilson, I'd heard
his name but never read anything, but will follow him now.

In spite of everything I know to possibly be, I have a mystical
streak half a mile wide. I'm always looking to balance and even
reconcile what seem to be opposites, always seeing "the dark spot in
the brilliance" etc. Maybe I'm just contrary, maybe not, but I always
tend to look at the "other side" of things. Of course there is more
than one other side. "Who IS Robert Anton Wilson?'s" 'maybe logic'
opens the "sides" out. I'll remember to "do it every day."

RAW's (1932-NEVER) placement of the donkey on our own backs! resolves
the underlying conflict that Tom Sawyer, the good doctor (lawyer and
artist), so clearly and graciously explained, which I had lost sight
of, why absolute systems and relative systems don't co-exist. It's
not so much that they're irreconcilable or hostile, but one negates
the other.

Science states what IS, within closer and closer probabilities as it
approaches better hypotheses. Or it tries to figure out how things
are. But it doesn't answer or try to answer why even though we keep
asking. It's left to non-science to answer or respond to questions in
our own way. Or even, if the queries are no longer clear to us, to
allow others to give us answers as a group (often converting and
harnessing the doubt and awe into responsibility of ethics and human
relations, putting us in the process in a relationship of subjugation
to the higher authority who has supplied the answer(s)). We are
incredibly powerful as well as wholly fragile, that seems to be a
wonderful balance.

As this is the clayart list... what can I say to make this clay-
related? hmmm

Here's a nice radio program:
Radio Lab, a terrific WNYC (NPR) program superbly produced by Robert
Krulwich, recently had a program on the relativity of time: http://

One of the things discussed was the probability of choice. If you
pick chocolate ice cream, your subsequent choices will be determined
by that, you will be in the "chocolate universe." This program,
coupled with how Jeff Hawkins's "On Intelligence" which talks about
how our minds work with the rest of us, i.e. how there is a feedback
mechanism for choice and action becoming prediction, and Robert A.
Wilson's yoga union of green grass, are about all I need right now
(with a side of "Old Filth") to guide me back to the studio after an
endless four month long computer project that has kept me mostly
immobile in this computer chair riveted to the screen of
possibilities, endless distraction, problems and solutions. Maybe,
maybe not.

So long for now and thanks for all the Fish!