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pencils are a ceramic product and drawing on greenware

updated sat 11 aug 07


Duff bogen on fri 10 aug 07

Hank, Karen et al.
Graphite is a carbon mineral but pencils are not pure carbon. Pencils are made with mixtures of graphite and clay and sintered. This is how different hardnesses are made. Maybe traces from pencils are from impurities in the clay.


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET wrote:
Hi Karen,

Graphite from a regular Pencil kind, being Carbon, would burn off with no

Physical indent lines of course would remain.

Special Pencils which have Oxides or other materials in their marking
ability, would - by experiment - be found to leave one or another color or
kind of line after fireing.

Possibly conventional Color Pencils might be something to try...or, there
are special Pencils made just for drawing on Clay, so that the lines of
definite color will remain after it is fired.

I know one may make their own Pencils for this, useing known Oxides which
one blends with some hard Wax, a little Tallow maybe, and whatever else, and
can wrap or roll the central thin 'lead' part between to flat thjings to
make it round and tidy, then roll that in lightly glued Paper for making a
handle for it, for handleing and use...or devise some other means of them
being able to be handled and held...

I have never made them, so I only know of a little hear-say or old readings
about them.

Good luck...!

l v

----- Original Message -----
From: "karen gringhuis"

> Can anyone please tell me if line drawing with a
> regular somewhat soft lead drawing pencil will remain
> & show up on the ware after bisque firing?
> Same qn w/ underglaze pencil - drawing w/ soft
> pressure so as not to incise the greenware?
> I know underglaze pencil used on bisque ware will show
> up after C/10 glaze firing & will show thru glaze.
> What about regular drawing pencil used on bisque?
> (Why I suddenly started making marks I have NO idea.)
> TIA!!
> Karen Gringhuis
> KG Pottery
> Box 607 Alfred NY 14802

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