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kwalalampur, beauty, and nuclear speech

updated sat 11 aug 07


Lee Love on fri 10 aug 07

On 8/10/07, Chris Campbell wrote:
> properly has switched from qualia to koala
> without a ripple.
> I am easily amused!

We stray so far off the topic.

Here is an article on "beauty and the brain", which should please
the Kantians amoungst us:


"We have used the technique of functional MRI to address the question of
whether there are brain areas that are specifically engaged when
subjects view paintings that they consider to be beautiful, regardless
of the category of painting (that is whether it is a portrait, a landscape,
a still life, or an abstract composition). Prior to scanning, each subject
viewed a large number of paintings and classified them into beautiful,
neutral, or ugly. They then viewed the same paintings in the scanner.
The results show that the perception of different categories of paintings
are associated with distinct and specialized visual areas of the
brain, that the orbito-frontal cortex is differentially engaged during the
perception of beautiful and ugly stimuli, regardless of the category of
painting, and that the perception of stimuli as beautiful or ugly
mobilizes the motor cortex differentially."

Lee in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
discussion on Beauty:

"Let the beauty we love be what we do." - Rumi