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clayart digest - 7 aug 2007 to 8 aug 2007 (#2007-206)

updated fri 10 aug 07


Meg Smeal on thu 9 aug 07

Shazia -

You may consider contacting the Potters for Peace group
( - sort of a Potters Peace Corps (my definition) in Central America - they
set up potteries in rural areas and might be able to give you some pointers
- Are you setting up a website? What group are you doing this with?
Sounds wonderful and I hope you keep us informed! Meg

Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 03:26:30
From: Shazia Mirza
Subject: Re: Clay in Calcutta
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Hi ,,
I am far far away from Calkutta,,in Lahore actually,but my assumption is
that its going to be really difficult finding a regular retail
supplier,,,...because the traditional material ppl use in these areas is the
common red clay.I do know some people from Dehli Blue Pottery,that might
help you ,if you are not already in contact with them..let me know if you
need contacts in Dehli(which is at least in India)..

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