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re; art teacher in local school

updated fri 10 aug 07


C. A. Sanger on wed 8 aug 07

I, too, was soundly rebuffed when I offered to
share my skills, and equipment. The local
teacher made it clear I was horning in on her
turf, nevermind she barely had a clue about
ceramics. I did approach the principal and
district superintendant about motivated
students wanting more than the school could
offer. I had a fully equipped studio with gas
and electric kilns, and was set up to handle up
to 10 people. Both the principal and
superintendant told me they weren't interested,
it was a liability risk they couldn't
tolerate. It didn't matter, either, that I
I even tried teaching non profit general
art classes at the local so-called rec center.
Had both adults and kids eager to come. That
crashed and burned cause the city failed to
keep to the agreement not to change the
day/time. Every other week they cancelled me
so any tom-dick-and-harry could rent the
building for their private parties.
I have since relocated to another town
just recently, and haven't decided whether to
try again here. Sure can't offer class for 10
people anymore, I gave up and sold/gave away
the extra wheels before I moved. I found the
experience baffling and such a waste. You can
lead a horse to water.... C. A. Sanger
Sparfish Studio

Carole Fox on thu 9 aug 07

Perhaps it would help to have a project in mind when you approach a school.
I have done many projects with the local schools. My favorite was a tile
project that was made at the middle school. Each student made a tile that
illustrated something from another culture. All the tiles were put onto
panels and now hang in the school's main hallway. Perhaps if the art teacher
felt they were helping you with a project, instead of you helping them...
well, it might work!
Carole Fox
Silver Fox Pottery
Elkton, MD

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> I, too, was soundly rebuffed when I offered to
> share my skills, and equipment. .