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acc wholesale show

updated fri 3 aug 07


shane mickey on thu 2 aug 07

Wow, its so interesting that this thread has come up now.recently down here alot of my fellow potters have been getting waitlisted and rejected for all the acc shows. grantedit is a juried process, but it was a real shock to us and for somany of us to get the pink slip. anyway i have done the acc wholesale show and found that the more seasoned people do well and the newer blood doesnt. personally i do not like the way acc is taking itself with its green craft/kids craft line. it seems they are heading in the wrong direction to me. that said, the philly show seems to be doing all the right stuff. if you want to do wholesaleit seems that being able to return to the show year after year is importantand the rosen group makes that possible and a reality. ACC does state that they offer 3 year contracts, but i know of no one that recieves them.Tom is right, the show scene is heading in a strange route, but i have found some good street shows that treat their artists well. ACC is one
of thegroups that i think takes way to much money from artists in return for verylittle coming back. show attendence is fine but the money is not being spent.other artists will say, "its going good" at a show, but a veteran shower said"if thats the case where are all the bags?"¬ this is the best indicator of how wellsales at any show are, lots of bags, someone is making cash, no bags, no one isselling!¬ and now with the advent of ZAPP and Juried ARts SErvices most shows are experiencing 40% increase in applications. its going to be harder and harderto get into high end shows as well as common street fairs. before zapp i got into most shows i applied to. This year was tuff, i have applied to 20 shows and beeneither waitlisted or rejected by over half of them. I have made up the differenceby doing small local street fairs and the few invitations i get for other shows. My plan is to do more promotion for my studio sales/ kiln openings which lets me keep
more of¬ the money . good luck and happy potting

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