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craft/do it yourself/save money

updated thu 2 aug 07


mel jacobson on wed 1 aug 07

here is just one example that anyone can do to use your
art/ craft skills/be unique and have a wonderful conversation piece
in your home.

my wife and i have done this for now 30 years. (at least 5 appliances.)

we buy a fridge at a bargain scratch and dent store.
brand new, but broken, or dented very badly.
mechanics are perfect.

we bring it home and i sand and repair the dents...often a hole
or cosmetic flaw. i have used automotive body puddy or such.

sharlene copies old manuscripts with a xerox machine.
uses a tan paper. she then cuts them up and glues them
to the door, upper and lower. (white glue and water.)
adds about 10 coats of varnish....and then we paint the box
the same color as our room (just use a roller).

i add a large bulletin board to the side...just sheet rock screws into
the metal side. (remember, the mechanicals and coils are in the back
bottom.) total cost for a brand new, retail cost...$975.50 appliance?
122 bucks.

i have three of these scratch and dent appliances at the farm.
one hundred bucks each. brand new. also bought two stoves..80 bucks each.
my new clothes dryer in the basement was 80 bucks...just a little
work with a plier/back to new. took the old one to the farm and have
it in the bunk house for guests to use...
one fridge the jaws of a front end loader right through
the freezer...but, used a tube of silicone caulk, sealed right up.
who cares in the barn if there are holes? the fridge works, as it is brand

there is a pix of the fridge in our kitchen/clayart page bottom
. not a sole comes to our
\house for the first time without commenting on our `cool` fridge.

from: mel/

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