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dvd of yixing and the teapots

updated wed 1 aug 07


Guangzhen Zhou on tue 31 jul 07

Finally, we have got the the dvd editing completed.
Please visit our webside, book section (item number
BK 601, discount price is $18) for the details. thanks!

Film: The World Center of Teapot Making Yixing China
Producer: Chinese Ceramic Art Council USA
Introduction: Yixing (e-shing in English pronunciation), also known as
Yangxian in ancient time, is about three hours' driving distance from
Shanghai. Ceramic production in the local areas can be traced to Neolithic
time, and the purple sand ("Zisha" in Chinese)-brownish clay is made into
palm-sized unglazed stoneware teapots--the best known are from Yixing.
Yixing City has been famously named as the "Pottery Capital" of China.
Yixing also attracts tourists with its famous bamboo, tea, and caves. There
are over eighty caves in the mountain area.
The Yixing art that amazes Western culture is perfected in the artists'
craftsmanship, variation of design, details of decoration (realistic
insects, flowers, leaves, tree trunks or wood textures), all hand building
techniques. Yixing ceramists join Chinese scholars, literati, painters,
calligraphers, poets and patrons--all together creating a rich teapot
The film is about 53 minutes and in sections. The first section introduces
the environment of Yixing and the history of Yixing teapots. The second
section is about the ceramic cultural exchanges between Yixing and the
international ceramic world. The last section demonstrates the whole process
of Yixing teapot-making techniques demonstrated by well-known artist Meiqun
From the author: I have been working on this film since 1996. I like to show
to audience the huge water jars stacked by the waterfront, and the boats
carrying the pots on the canal. I took photos every time I went to Yixing.
Change has been so quick in China, many of the sites in my film have gone
and are replaced by high rise buildings.
This DVD is available for $18 each (regular price is $21), plus shipping and
handing fee at

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