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yixing teapots - how to fix?

updated thu 31 jul 97


samantha martin on thu 31 jul 97

Since we're on the subject of these lovely pots, a question has come to my

Last year I bought a YiXing teapot for my mother at a local gift shop.
It was made of orange and green clays and looked perfectly like a little
pumpkin, with a stem for the handle and leaves surrounding the cover and
spout. To our dismay, we've since discovered that the leaves around the
spout are hiding some sort of defect, and the pot leaks. :(

I'm wondering if something can be done with an epoxy, that might be
"injected" under the leaf to fill the crack. I'd like to make the pot
useable, but I don't feel confident in any process that would involve
re-firing it. Has anyone else had to fix one of these, and could suggest
an appropriate method?

thanks in advance...