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underglaze over glaze

updated mon 30 jul 07


carol ross on mon 23 jul 07

Marcia, I wonder if you could add a bit of frit to the underglaze?
Would that make the difference so that it would melt into the glaze?
It would take some experimenting of course...

Carol Ross

On 7/23/07, Marcia Selsor wrote:
> I have had students do it.
> The underglaze does not flux. It usually peels up during the firing.
> An overglaze on the otherhand will melt into the glaze..or at least
> melt.
> Marcia Selsor
> On Jul 23, 2007, at 7:05 AM, Smith, Judy wrote:
> > I want to dip a pot in eggshell underglaze and then paint an
> > underglaze
> > design on top of the glaze. I was wondering, will the underglaze blur
> > when the glaze is fired? Does anyone have experience painting
> > underglaze over unfired glaze? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> >
> >
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Judy Smith
> >
> > Nashville, TN
> >
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Carol Ross

Chuck Wagoner on tue 24 jul 07

We use some of the Amaco velvets over glaze. Not to thick and on a glaze
that does not move too much. A lot will depend on the glaze you put it =
We have out best luck on a stiffer glaze that has an opacifier in it. I =
MC6 glossy base 1 with 6 percent zircopax in it. You will have to test =
see what will work for you.

Be careful if it is on the inside of a food item,


Terrance Lazaroff on tue 24 jul 07


You can use underglaze on top of a glaze providing you spray a thin coat of
the original glaze over the painting. I believe this is called
sandwiching. There will be some movement. The amount will depend upon the
viscosity of the melted glass.
Do a test to be sure.


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Janet Starr on sun 29 jul 07

Dear Judy Smith,

You can use Duncan's EZ Stroke underglaze over unfired glaze. Whether it
will move or not depends on the properties of the glaze that you use, bit it
doesn't peel. It will blur on a gloss glaze that runs, but will not blur on
a glaze that doesn't run, like a matt. If the glaze is colored, it might
change the color of the underglaze since it is somewhat transparent. You
would need to test your eggshell glaze with the EZ Stoke on top.


Janet Starr