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burns workshop

updated mon 23 jul 07


Margaret Barber on sun 22 jul 07

The Burns workshop in Natchez was great! Great demos, tons of information,
so much it's going to take a while to filter through.but I think a good week
is like that. It gives you so much 'food for thought' that it does take a
while to process all of it. Wonderful participants.Anne, I'm going to be
there for tuna next time! Tammy, you will always be remembered as the 'red
dress gal'!! Y'all have the rest of a wonderful summer, and I hope you get
lots of 'purposeful' pots made!


Sycamore Pottery

(Sorry! On a previous post, I guess I sounded like an 'ad' for Conner's
workshop that is going to happen in Montgomery, AL, in August.sorry.hope I
didn't embarrass him.but, if you ARE interested in the one in AL, contact me
offline, and I'll give you the rest of the info. )